Borrowed Sunny Day (Haiku Version)

As the sun shines there
After the storm we had
We are together

As the wind dances
The grasses are swaying
Our hearts are filled

As the dawn followed
Your shadow goes away too
It’s just a cold night


What’s going on?

Woah. It’s been few months since the last time I posted a blog. So sorry dearies. Wew. Hehe.

I’ve been very busy since I’m on my final year in college (hopefully) and almost lost my motivation to write a blog because all I want is to sleep and rest while I still can.

Sometimes, I watch youtube videos for my new fandom singers (TNT Boys hahaha) and tweet on my twitter (@kcamille21) instead of posting a blog so that’s why it took me longer to get back here.

But yeah, writing is what always point my edge. At the end of the day, I will find myself writing, expressing myself, and composing my thoughts into words. This is part of my life. Where my soul lies after everything that happened in a day. I believe that I was born for this too. I still have my dream to have a book where my poems are compiled altogether.

Few months have passed and I am in the phase of my studies where I am practicing my degree into a profession. I had a lot of real life experiences in the path that I’ve decided to choose (teaching) and I am very happy and feeling fulfilled for everything I’ve done before the semester end. I almost didn’t notice that time flies so fast and I’ve finished all the subjects required in my degree finally and I will be in my pre-service teaching in the next months and also having my part time job as a tutor. I know these are all the fruit of what I went through from the past 2 years since I got back to finish my studies and I am going there.

Hardwork really pays off. Struggles, tears, pain and patience count itself later once you get pass through it. Surely, your hardships will never be forgotten. You won’t get hurt for nothing especially when you haven’t done something very bad.

I am thanking God for navigating my life in where I should be there. I am very happy and contented for everything that happened for me this year. Things are getting better as days and months are passing. Hoping that more chances and opportunities will come to help me keep growing and love myself.

I’m doing better than I ever was.

I will leave these songs for you to remember that you are a fighter of this life 😊 just click or copy the following links πŸ’•

It’s been a while

It’s been a while but now I am free from the pain you’ve tied up all over me
Yeah, time is faster for those who works harder
Also, for those who have something to pay

It’s been a while but days are better without seeing your shadow beside me
I saw a gleam to pass in the tunnel away from you
And you can no longer chase wherever my heart follows

It’s been a while and serenity blows around me
I found the missing piece I’ve lost with you
Changing the gold into diamond

It’s been a while and it’s not bad to build walls
To keep my desire outside for a while
To cast out the selfishness that I thought was love

It’s been a while but it’s all worthwhile
Reviving the shattered heart by true love
Love within me that you can never take away

5 ways to be confident

1. Believe in yourself
If you don’t, then who you think will do it for you? Believe in your uniqueness that no one could ever do the same as you. Everyone is for a purpose. You were made for a purpose. Always believe in your ability and capability to contribute something wonderful for this world. Always bring the conviction of being YOU.

2. Don’t be afraid:
a. To commit mistakes. Accept that not all the time you will get it right. We all have limitations. Don’t pretend if you can’t get through it. It’s okay to be wrong sometimes to learn how to be right next time.

b. To be awkward. To show the embarassing side of you. Even just a piece of your clumsy side.

3. Expand your interests/hobbies
Try something new that you have never tried of doing or something that you have a doubt of doing. It is good to push beyond your limit to challenge yourself that you deserve to level up. It can also help you to add more skills that you may use in the future.

4. Be honest
How are you feeling? Your ideas? What do you want to say exactly? Always remember that it is not bad to be straight-forward in a nice way. It can make this one an assurance for you of how do you want to express yourself without sugar-coating everything.

5. Accept your weaknesses
Your weaknesses will always be part of who you really are. There’s always room for improvement. Weaknesses doesn’t mean you can’t push some more but this will remind you to be humble while learning and gaining at the same time to be better.

These are just guidelines from my own experiences on how I am gaining my confidence. At the end of the day, it is still you who can tell how much you want to be better and gain your confidence as a person. You are holding your own key to unlock every possibilities in your life that may help you grow no matter what happen. So keep it up always! You are precious! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

The Sunshine Blogger Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award is peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity and joy.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to bloggers by other bloggers who are creative, positive and inspiring.

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

I would like to thank Mr. MS of MyPersonalHQ for nominating me for this award of inspiring works by wordpress’ bloggers. I never expected to have this kind of award but everytime I compose my piece, I always want my reader to have an inspiration from it. Hihihi salamat po talaga sayo Kuya MS, hoping to know you more πŸ™‚πŸ™Œ

2. Tell 10 random things about yourself.

1. Kalog ako. I’m a funny person actually. Madalas kasi akala ng iba, seryoso akong tao pero mukha lang talaga hahaha. Ang kulit kulit ko sa totoo lang.

2. Mahilig akong kumain. Basta pagkain, kahit ano, sibat tayo dyan. Saka obvious naman kasi sa katawan ko? πŸ˜‚

3. Daydreamer ako. Oo parte talaga ng buhay ko ang pananaginip ng gising. Mahilig kasi akong magmuni muni kapag wala akong kausap/mag isa lang ako. Idealistic din kasi akong tao.

4. Nature lover ako. Na-iinspire ako kapag nakakakita ako ng puno, bulaklak, damo or anything about nature.

5. Bunso ako at only girl. Meron akong 2 kuya na mas nakakatanda sakin. Ako yung bunso kahit mukha akong panganay.

6. 10 years old pa lang ako, nakahiligan ko na talaga ang pagsusulat. Hindi man ako nakakapagsulat consistently pero at the end of the day, lagi akong bumabalik sa pagsusulat.

7. Hindi pa ako nagkaka-boyfriend. Oo wag ka magulat, may katulad pa namin sa panahon ngayon. Marami pa naman kami hihi. Strict kasi ang parents ko saka hanggang MU lang lagi.

8. Meron akong natural na dark circle under my eyes (yung katulad sa mga bumbay/arabo). Wala naman akong lahi pero bata pa lang ako meron na ako nito kahit natutulog ako ng maaga lol.

9. Mahilig ako mangolekta ng ballpen at notebook/notepad. May isa akong pencil case na puro ballpen ang laman. Siguro nasa 20 na ballpens yun. May mga blank notebooks din ako na matatagal na.

10. Size 9 ang paa ko, di lang halata hahaha. Bangka eh.

3. Nominate other bloggers (as many as you want).

My Rules: (Originally posted by Mr. MS)

Follow the β€œOriginal Rules”
Answer one (1) or more questions below:

What is one thing you regret having done or not done in your life?
Seriously, nung binigay ko yung first kiss ko sa taong hindi naman ako gusto.

If you had to choose one thing you were most passionate about, what would it be and why?
-Writing. It never get old.

If you could buy one material thing, and money was not an issue, what would it be? And why?
-Sa ngayon, baking equipment. Kailangan ko rin kasi i-practice yung skill ko sa pagbbake hihihi

What would be the worst thing to hear as you are going under anesthesia before heart surgery?
– “Huwag ka mag alala, parang kagat lang ‘to ng langgam. Langgam na kasing laki ng shark” lol

If you had to disappear and start a whole new life, what would you want your new life to look like?
-Hmmm maging prinsesa sa UK or maging Spanish girl from Spain hahaha or kaya maging asawa ni crush (harot lol)

Midnight dreamer

When your day starts at 2AM
Awakened eyes, restless mind
Vulnerability swallowing the shadow
Another colorful imaginary story

New hope, new beginning
Forgetting the failures of your past
Renewing your life’s pattern
Succeeding for your goals

Endless questions, overflowing feelings
Unfulfilled promises that haunting you
Remembering your worth and power
Fighting your fears and grudges

Tomorrow will always be a new day
The past is a memory to keep or forget
Now, today is important
Present moment prepares the future

Undeserving soul

Raindrops showed me Your grace
Countless, unending, and limitless
You know how I hate rain
But ironically, it is Your love

I washed my face with dust
Soaked myself in mud
Your river overflows clearly
Cleaning all my wounds and bruises

I am stubborn yet I am Your princess
Your favor is higher than my dreams
You love me forever even when I fail You
You’re guiding me in my dark midnights

Still, my soul belongs to You
My master, my life’s redeemer
Thousand years ago of love and sacrifices
This undeserving soul has saved