Take it slow

Life is more than a race
It is truly a journey
Not about who came first
But who keeps on going
Not how fast you can finish something
But how can you work something with productivity

Life has its own calendar
Depending on how you set a goal
Achieving your dreams step by step
Seeking for something deeper which is your own passion
Sometimes, you can only look at your shadow in the sea when it is calm
You have to walk slowly to see things around you one by one



They aren’t sleeping
For something worth keeping
Every day is starting point
Collection of dreams to make come true

They are dreaming
And their eyes are open
Every failure is a “try”
For every chance to get

They won’t stop
Until their heartbeats do
Every work is a legacy
Leading this lifetime to success

My life, my masterpiece

We are all “artist” of our own life. We are holding the same brush, canvass, and colors as our heart, mind, body, and soul. Our life is like an abstract painting. We are free of what color we want to use but surely those colors represent the good and bad side of our own life. Like an abstract painting, the colors, lines, and sizes look chaotic. At first glance, it looks unimpressive but actually this is an example of a perfectly “imperfect” masterpiece. Where different colors are combined together to have its own bright. Just like our own life, it has a lot of possibilities and mystery that might lead us either in joy or pain because we are not free from consequences of the choices we have made but we can always continue to keep going to make it better, to make ourselves not the same person we are from the past ten years. Life should be progressive as how an artist developing his masterpiece.

Formula of love

Formula of love

Why are you here?
What are you doing in her life?
She doesn’t have the formula of love that you’re looking for
You’ll never be proud of her eyes
But you’ll see, she’s slaying around when you can no longer come near to her
If someone like you is not meant for her, then why the universe keep sending your shadow in front of her?
When she has no right to fall in love with you?
When her love is what ruins everything then?
Why she can’t get herself out of that curse maybe the universe has planted with you?
Why the story has to be repeated all the time?
When you said she can find her way soon but you’re always her dead end
When you said she will find someone better but you’re always making it worse

Maybe it is better when she will try to walk away once more
Slowly but surely..
Closing her eyes as walking in a narrow straight path
Overcoming her fear as she will leave everything behind and start a new beginning all by herself
Remembering that you are part of her dark yesterday already
A picture of memory that exists only in her mind
She will choose herself this time over someone who never choose her
Because she doesn’t have the formula of love that you’re looking for

Finally, I graduated in college!

Hello! I’m back! I hope you are all doing better today. Let me share to you something I have never imagined that it could be also possible to happen in my life. Three years ago, I only came back in college to finish my bachelor degree without expecting anything except to receive my college diploma that was seven years in the making for more opportunities that I may have in the future. I never dream to be a class valedictorian, no, not even I have ever think about it just once. I see myself as an “ordinary person” and someone or other people can do something better than I do. I have no special awards, talents and very touching story that could inspire other people. This was my mindset before, you should have these things to prove the world you can make one kick. I’m an average student who also has this dream to achieve one thing just like others – SUCCESS. If I would get any special award, it is a fruit of my perseverance because studying for the remaining three years to finish my bachelor degree made me realized that it is your hardwork and character maintains your life to success. Although it is always important to have excellence in everything you do, it takes your character to stay at the top. There is no shortcut for hardwork. It requires perseverance, humility, and faith in God between you and your goal in life.

It is your hardwork that makes you extraordinary in your own way. Your willingness to do something and to keep going no matter what life could bring. We don’t achieve success by just sitting and waiting for it overnight. We should all have to be in a process that will test our character if how long we can endure everything to achieve our goal in life.

I have waited seven years for me to complete my studies in college. I have been through a lot of personal struggles and insecurities but I thank God for allowing me to experience it to love myself more and be patient all the time. Now, I am ready for a new beginning to start with all these things I’ve learned from the past years to make it better in the future.

My Valedictory Speech – Batch 2019

To our guest speaker, Dr. Virginia D. Akiate, board of trustees, college deans, academic and non-academic personnel, our dear faculty members, alumni, guardians and parents, a blessed afternoon to you all.
To my batchmates, congratulations to all of us! We made it! Finally, our most awaited moment has arrived. This is the perfect time to celebrate the fruits of our hard work from the past years. I know how we went through a lot of challenges which molded us to become who we are today. It was never easy for us. From the first day we set foot in our campus when we had to walk a kilometer or so, and transfer from one public transportation to another in order to get there on time, and then fall in line at the registrar’s office while patiently waiting to have our registration forms stamped with “ENROLLED.” During our first day of classes, we meet our classmates who will then become our friends. Our professors who created a huge impact that changed our mindset toward other things in life and lessons that we will always keep in our hearts and in our minds through this lifetime. I know that we all had sleepless nights because of the research papers, culminating activities, unannounced quizzes and long exams that we all need to finish in order to get to the next semester. But before we can do that, another test of patience will come our way – accomplishing our clearance forms – wherein we need to come back and forth to secure all the signatories and be able to undergo the same exhausting enrollment process. However, that process taught us how to value our time and enjoy the rough ride because these processes are all part of character building and personality development – grace under pressure as what they say. That is just one of the traits I learned from our beloved alma mater.

It was on 2013 when I enrolled at Divine Mercy College Foundation, Inc., and it was all on the influence of my brother. Unfortunately, because of financial hardships, I had to quit school and just look after the family’s daily needs for two years. I remember when I was in school, I was just a typical student who never really aced on anything. I never get the chance to be a part of a star section. But I had my first medal back when I was in third year high school – I became the first honor in the class. I do not have a lot of good memories except for being one of the writers for our school paper during my elementary and high school days, I knew I loved writing. Every time I write, I am able to express myself better, much better as compared to when I speak, especially in front of a large crowd like this. Believe me, I have a lot of butterflies in my stomach right now. When I became a volunteer teacher for Children’s Ministry for five years, I learned how to teach children between four and 12 years old. Being with them made me realized that I can speak well in front of people, and I am not my old self anymore. But of course, they are kids, and you are all adults. (( But they have inspired me to aim for more, get out of my comfort zone, embrace the challenges, and explore the entire world ahead of me. I knew I had to do it because they all look up to me and I believe that I needed to set an image that will serve a good pattern for them. That early, I saw myself molding the future of those kids and ensuring that they will all become dreamers and doers to attain success. And later on, I found myself working so hard to become an educator. It was during the time when I had to quit school that I realized how important education is. Truly, education is the only thing that no one could ever take away from you. So, when I had the chance to go back to school, I promised myself that I will become the better version of me and I will do everything to achieve what my heart and soul desire – that is, to become successful.

My stay here at Divine Mercy College Foundation Inc. has taught me to become more patient, humble, and faithful to God. I know that I will be able to achieve my dreams and continue with the journey no matter what. We all worked hard to get to where we are now and we all need to work harder beginning tomorrow. Why? It is because starting tomorrow, we are not only working for ourselves but for our loved ones, too. We all have different stories to tell but we surely have one thing in common – we want to secure our future and to provide better lives for our family and all the people around us. Let us not stop dreaming because those dreams are what we are going to reach for. Start believing that we can and we will do everything to achieve what we all aim for – SUCCESS!!

To our guest speaker, Dr. Virginia D. Akiate, thank you for sharing a very inspiring and motivating message that we will always remember. Rest assured that in times of hardships, we will always go back to what you’ve taught us today.
To the board of trustees, college deans, academic and non-academic personnel who made sure that we will be nurtured fully with “quality Christian Education” and become globally competitive professionals, thank you very much to all of you!
To our dear professors, we salute you for imparting the best of your knowledge, extending your patience, teaching us humility, and motivated us to be the excellent learner the best way we can.
To our friends and classmates, thank you for being each other’s support system. Things would have been more difficult if we don’t have each other to give light on the dark spots. Let’s promise to keep the friendship ‘till the end of time.
Then of course, to our parents and guardians, thank you for your 101% support!! We will not be here today if not for your hard work, patience, kindness, and love for us – we love you..
Above all, to our Almighty God. He never failed to guide us on the best path that we could be. We shall honor His power over our lives in doing the best that we can in this lifetime. Let us dedicate everything that we do to glorify Him. Today is the day that He has made for us, and through prayers, anything and everything is possible. Let’s all give ourselves a round of applause!! Congratulations batch 2019! God bless us all!

*special mentions*